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on Thu Apr 26, 2018 3:21 pm
[size=36]BVT RULES[/size]
Group Levels:

Level 1:

base with 45 objects and 1 gate. (Small) > *No Underground
-Maximum 2 world objects removed.

Level 2:
-A level 1 vehicle spawner containing 2 vehicles (Value 0-100k).
-Base replaced, 70 objects and 1 gate. (Medium) > *1-2 floors can be used underground
-Maximum 4 world objects removed.

Level 3:
-2 more vehicles (Value 100k-200k) can be added to the vehicle spawner.
-A health pickup.
-Weapon factory (Criminals)-Criminal gangs get 5% of what is spent in weapon factory.
-Maximum 4 world objects removed.
-Squads and clans get a maverick instead of the Weapon Factory.

Level 4:
-Vehicle spawner max value raised to (200k-500k)
-Base replaced, 100 objects and 2 gates. (Big) > *Up to 5 floors can be used underground.
-Green spawner, to spawn the owned vehicles.
-Maximum 5 world objects removed.
-Squads can have armor in the base.
-Squads can have a marker in the base to view cameras.

-Secondary bases of gangs can have Maverick spawner in the base.
Level 5:
-2 more vehicles (Value 200k-1000k) can be added to the vehicle spawner.
-Free billboard advert (256*128 pixels)
-Radio added to base.
-Plane spawner at the roof ( stuntplane or shamal )/ Or a speeder instead of the stunplane for bases In-water, if the base owner want.
-Maximum 6 world objects removed.
-Pay N Spray.

-Vehicle Recovery Point ( Clan only ) 
Base changing rules:
If your base has a bug which can't be easily fixed without having to replace the entire base, you'll be able to change it.
If you want to change the base because your group level changed, you'll be able to change it.
If none of the above applies, you'll have to wait 3 months since your base got added to change it.
Things you CAN'T do:
Sell your group
Sell your base
Change your base for another perk ( example: VIP )
Change your group type ( example: from Squad to Gang )
Lead your group with another account
Give the group leadership to another player (original founder account still part of the group)
Rename your group
Remove the group and let someone else create it to keep the base
Each group has a SINGLE founder change without losing the base.

Group demotes:
Group will be demoted 1 level if the founder is inactive for 30 days or more
Group will be fully demoted ( losing all levels/skin/job ) if all it's members are inactive for 30 days or more
Group will be demoted 1 level if there are not enough active ( 30 days ) members ( founder + 2 members per level has to be active in order to don't be demoted )
Members active required per level:

Level 1: Founder + 1 members
Level 2: Founder + 2 members
Level 3: Founder + 3 members
Level 4: Founder + 4 members
Level 5: Founder + 5 members

[size=36]Application Format[/size]
Group Name:[size=14][/size]
Founder Name:[size=14][/size]
Mapper Name:[size=14][/size]
Level of the Base:[size=14][/size]
Group Level Link/Donated/Changing:[size=14][/size]
Download Link:[size=14][/size]
Link to your last accepted application topic (type N/A if you are applying first time, otherwise post last BVT application link):[size=14][/size]
Screenshots of exterior (at least 4 screenshots):

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