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Terrorists | Rules

on Sun Jun 03, 2018 10:14 pm

1. Follow the server rules
2. Follow the Terrorists rules
3. Respect your superiors
4. Follow orders from leading Terrorists
5. You are allowed to have a second account (Mostly to plant drugs, use T-D tags), however playing as a law officer or turfing is strictly prohibited
6. Be respectful towards everyone
7. If you have problems with another member, report it to an HQ
8. If you have problems with an HQ, report it to the Warchief
9. Do not ask for promotions, not even as a joke
10. When a member with the according rank calls you for a training, operation or a meeting, make sure you arrive within 5 minutes as a maximum
11. Do not slack
12. Always protect your group mates from cops and try to save them if they are arrested at any cost
13. Avoid talking in the main chat in any kind of arguments
14. Be friendly with SWAT, Military & other squads. We are only enemies on the field, so be polite
15. We are a very serious group and childish behaviour will not be tolerated. You can joke and everything, but never cross the line
16. Letting people enter our base is prohibited, ask an HQ for permission
17. Try to always join the bank & casino robbery
18. Try to be always online for the war hours
19. Always try to take down the "Ammo Transporting Barracks"
20. Sharing accounts is strictly prohibited
21. Do not change your name on terrorist job unless it is for RP purposes
22. Speak only English in the clan/alliance chat
23. Always stay in touch with our allies and help them out where possible just like they help us in warzones
24. ALWAYS follow orders in WZ, don't just go around looking for kills. If we see that you are not listening to orders and instead just looking for kills, consequences will follow
25. Don't go AFK on duty
26. If you're going to be inactive longer than 7 days you have to make an inactivity report on forums
27. Common sense is a must
28. Dominator+ are the ones who are allowed to host trainings
29. Anarchists+ are able to start the Andromada mission
30. After War zone, the highest ranked member that attended must report it, if not, he must assign another person that attended to report instead.


1. Always make a perfect line
2. Do not talk during trainings or meetings without permission. First ask then speak if the host grants you permission
3. Do as the training host says, don't disrespect his orders
4. When you have lined up, stay lined and don't jump or crouch unless the host tells you to do so
5. When called to a training/operation you have 5 minutes to show up
6. If you cannot attend a training/operation you're required to send a valid reason to the host
7. Trolling during serious trainings will lead to a direct kick, there are no excuses. Especially when we have merged trainings with other gangs or squads


1. All ground vehicles are available to Anarchist+
2. All air vehicles (except armed aircraft) are available for Anarchist+
3. Seasparrow can be used by Mastermind+
4. Mastermind+ can give permission for Seasparrow to Operator+
5. Abusing armed aircraft or using it in an unnecessary situation will result in a strict punishment
6. Operator+ can ask for permission to spawn armed aircraft (Hydra/Hunter) which can only be used to take down enemy hostile armed aircraft (spawned or rented) that shoots at criminals.
7. Operator+ can ask for permission to use Hydra for transport from base to base, or to Alcatraz for jailbreak, however, shooting is prohibited.
8. Armed aircraft cannot be spawned by ranks lower than Operator, under any circumstances. 
9. In case of base defence, Hunter can be spawned by Operator+ (only for a big wave of cops, 10+), and must be despawned as soon as the majority of them is dead.

1. All Terrorists are allowed to enter and use the training dimension at any time
2. Anarchist+ is allowed to use all vehicles in the dimension excluding Hydra/Hunter without asking for permission
3. Hydra and Hunter can only be used by TAF members or you must ask an Operator+ for permission
4. It is not allowed to take a vehicle spawned in training dimension to the main dimension
5. Do not interrupt your teammates if they are already playing in the dimension
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