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Terrorists | Assault Mission Reports

on Sun Jun 03, 2018 10:04 pm

If you have hosted an assault mission you must report it on this topic by using the format. The one who organised the assault mission must submit the report. It's not needed to write down all the names, just add a screenshot and it's fine.

Explanation of the mission

Terrorists on duty can start the mission by using the cell phone in our SF base. To start the mission you must pay $300,000 and agree to the terms of conditions which are displayed when you use the cell phone (click). Operators+ can withdraw the money from the clan bank. If you are lower ranked you can claim the money by contacting any Operator+. Once you paid the money there will spawn a truck. Get in the truck and press B to start the mission. There will be a skull blip displayed (click), this is your destination. There are two ways of failing, first is when a cop defuses the explosives (takes 60 seconds) and the second is when the truck ends up in the water.
TIP: The driver should have enough Tire Repair Kits.
Warning: There must be 3 government members on duty!


Only Dominator+ is allowed to start the mission.
There must be at least 30 criminals contributing.
The host must report the mission, even if you failed.


Assault Mission number:
Rank + name:
Screenshot of participants:
Additional screenshots:


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