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Terrorists | Warzone Reports

on Sun Jun 03, 2018 10:01 pm

In this topic we will be posting the warzone status and who participated. The one who led the warzone must submit the report. Write down all the names of participants to make it easier for the one who's doing the weekly check. Don't forget to mention the T-A and alliance members.

Explanation of the event

Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 8 AM and 8 PM (server time - GMT +1) the warzone event starts. It's a battle between the law side and the criminal side. There are 4 zones: Docks, Lake, Bayside and K.A.C.C. The goal is to capture all the zones. For every zone that we own the reward of criminal activities raises by 5%. Only Terrorists and Government members are able to capture the zones. The criminals and cops are there to support. Cops/criminals get $25,000 per zone, the alliance of T gets $40,000 per zone and Terrorists/Military/SWAT get $60,000 per zone.


1. Listen to your leader, follow his commands.
2. You must be useful, do not kill random cops outside the zone, just stay inside the zone and focus on killing the Government.
3. There are only two AF Terrorists allowed to shoot with armed aircraft (Hydra/Hunter). This means you cannot rent as Terrorist even though you have the criminal job.


Warzone number:
Rank + name:
Status at the end:
Screenshot of participants:


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