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Terrorists | Inactivity Reports

on Sun Jun 03, 2018 10:01 pm

If you are going to be fully inactive for more than 7 days please fill in the format and report it below. The HQ team will set your rank to Inactive as soon as possible. As an Inactive member you are not allowed to attend warzones.
To keep the group as active as possible there are some rules related to inactivity:
1) It is not allowed to go inactive while being an Associate – doing so will get you kicked.
2) Anarchists and Rioters are allowed to be inactive with a maximum of one month.
3) Any rank above Slayer is allowed to go inactive with a maximum of three months.
4) You must submit a valid ending date, anything like "idk" is not valid.
Not sticking to any of these rules will get you demoted and eventually kicked from the group.

Inactivity Format:
Rank + name:
Inactivity starting date:
Inactivity ending date:
Extra information:


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