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GTC Terrorists Application Center [OPENED]

on Sun Jun 03, 2018 9:51 pm

Are you ready to smash the law side? Do you like to work together with other criminals? Aren't you afraid of a few cops in front of the base? Then you are on the right application page! We are looking for experienced criminals who are up to do criminal activities with others. Everyone is welcome to apply but don't expect to be accepted without putting work into your application and proving us you have skills in-game. You are the face of the criminal side so make sure you are representative.
Recruitment Rules

1. Do not ask us to check your application.
2. Do not copy your old application or from somebody else
3. Do not break the server rules.
4. Do not break The Terrorist rules.
5. Do not asslick.
6. You must type English fluently.
7. You must have a Discord account where we could add you to the Terrorist group chat
8. You must be mature and serious.
9. Do not provide fake information.
10. Make sure you read our official rules first. To do so, click N/A.
11. If you are on the Blacklist, you are not allowed to apply.
12. You MUST be part of the criminal side in order to apply.
Application Format

SAUR Terrorists application format v1.3
1. Personal information
1.1 Your name:
1.2 Your age and gender:
1.3 Nationality:
1.4 Languages you are fluent in:
1.5 Write about yourself, show us your English skills:
2. In-game information
2.1 In-game nickname:
2.2 Account name:
2.3 Previous nicknames:
2.4 Your playtime (a cropped screenshot must be included with the direct link, so an image appears):
2.5 Your criminal actions (include a screenshot with a link, no image should appear):
2.6 Where do you usually play at (internet cafe/home/other):
2.7 What is your average FPS?: 
2.8 Have you ever been in any respected group? (If yes, which group and why are you not part of it anymore):
2.9 Would you say for yourself that you're an experienced criminal? (If yes, why so?):
2.10 Have you recently applied to become a Terrorist? (If yes, how many times and what was the reason for your denial – make sure you have read recruitment rule 2):
2.11 Are you currently blacklisted by any group? (If yes, mention the group name(s) and the reason for your blacklist):
2.12 Have you been punished by a staff member during the past 30 days? (If yes, what was the punishment and duration):
2.13 Name your strengths:
2.14 Name your weaknesses:
2.15 Do you have any friends in Terrorists? (If so, state their names):
3. Motivation
3.1 Why have you picked our group as your next stop?:
3.2 Why should we choose you instead of someone else?:
3.3 What will be your goal inside the group in case we accept you?:
3.4 What would you do if you were Warchief for one day?:
4. Rule knowledge
4.1 What would you do if a member insults you?:
4.2 What would you do if an HQ member acts unfairly towards you?:
4.3 How much time do you have to show up at a training/meeting if you don't have a valid excuse?:
4.4 "SWAT and Military are our enemies so we must not show them respect" is this statement correct?:
4.5 "Anarchists are allowed to use armed aircraft vehicles since they're allowed to use aircraft spawners" is this statement correct?:
4.6 Which rank can give you permission for armed aircraft vehicles?: 

Application Results

NOTE: If you have been DENIED please don't spam HQ with 'Why?' just apply after 1 week without saying a word. If you do spam HQ with 'Why' you will be put on the BLACKLIST.
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