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[Staff Application]Ease

on Mon Apr 30, 2018 5:45 pm
- Personal info -
Introduce yourself.

Ingame nickname:Ease
Account name:weza2
Playtime:1 hour

Real name:KariM
Age:14 years old
Country of origin:Egypt in Alexandria
First (native) language:Arabic
Other languages:English
Rate your knowledge of English:8/10

- Convincting part -
Be very descriptive!

Why should we choose you and not someone else?:Because I'm helpful, supportive, dedicated to the server and to help others. I have been playing for 5 years and I know most of the players, I have been running other gaming community for other game which is JJ2 for 6 years, this allowed me to gain experience in dealing with players and helping them on a daily basis. I have the passion and the love for the community that will keep me motivated to help making the community a better place.
What can you offer to the Staff team that other applicants may can't?:
What is your goal?:I’ve been a community member for many years now, what I’m looking for is a new and different experience in GTC. I’m still in love with the community and as passionate as I was on my first day.
On what way are you able to contribute?:Like I mentioned before I have the experience to become a staff member. I believe that my positive attitude and my ability to handle responsibilities and tough situations will allow me to contribute to the server and to the staff team.

- Skill -
Show off here.

Video editing:N/A

- History -
Past bans (include duration and reason):N/A
Past GTE groups you were in:SWAT Commander|Military General|Terrorists Founder|Team EnVyUs Founder.
Do you play other servers(if yes, state name)?:SAUR|SAEG|SAUG|SAYL|TUN|GTE|GTC.
Previous staff experience (include server name, rank and any other info):GTE Staff Manger|SAYL Trial Mod|SAUG Trial Mod|TUN Trial Mod|NG Mod.

- Extra -

Is there anything you would like us to know about you, which could potentially influence your chance at becoming Staff?
I want to talk little bit more about myself and my mta career, As I said before my name is Asim Ahmed, I am 18 years old, I am an Egyptian who lives in ksa since 2000, I've made a lot of friends in here one of them was Classic, MTA was introduced to me by him, of course we have started playing it daily and we've kept moving from a server to another once in while until we've found GTC back in 2013, so we've started playing GTC as newbies ofcourse, because GTC was kinda hard for us,And 2 years have passed till 2015 has arrived so we've decided to create a clan called Quality 7 and after 1 week we've decided to by a level 5 base and everything went smoothly, And 1 year has passed so we've decieded to leave T and hoping that we can join SWAT and everthing has gone smoothly and I've got accepted I was happy asf, and a couple of months have passed and I've decieded to leave swat hoping that I can join terrorists, Joining Terrorist was a dream for me and I've achived it and same shit happend and I've decieded to leave Terrorists to join military and shit kept going back and forth from mili to T to swat. So I've achieved all of my goals expect to be a staff member.
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Re: [Staff Application]Ease

on Sun Jun 03, 2018 9:43 pm
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