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[READ FIRST] Designing area rules

on Thu Apr 26, 2018 7:24 pm
Shalom, designers and other players of GTE.

Welcome to design area of this forum. This area is only for design works, other design related things, such as events, design duels, requests and other.

Please don't post stuff that is not design related, this board is made for that and nothing else.

With the objective of improving and organizing our beloved Designing area, I am setting some rules so the area can be as pleasant and as developing as possible.


1. Do not post "Designing shops" in this part of the board, you can make your shop in the "Design market" sub-board. Contact me if you haven't found your shop there. (If you made your shop before this change).

2- When posting a design, type the name of the topic as [Art] + Name of work, in the zone art you replace for sign, avatar, fan bar, etc.
Things such as "gift" can be put at the back like I did below, however it is optional. If you want to request something, use [REQUEST] instead.

Example: [Signature] Hulk, [Signature] Stifler - GIFT

3- In case there is a suspicion of RIP, the user will have to send the .PSD file to any member in charge of this area (Han), when asked and without no further questioning. If it's confirmed that it is a RIP the user will be warned on the forums and if severe enough resulting all of his works getting deleted in the design area board.

Note: RIP Is to copy work of others and post as if it is yours ;

4- When you are replying to someone's work, reply with criticism and constructive comments, replies like "It's awesome, I like it", "It's bad, I don't like it" will be considered lack of respect and also considered a way to farm posts, which will result in a warning. If you have no idea what you can comment or reply but you liked it, just press the "like" button instead, the designer will thank you for that.

5- When proposing a duel, establish the work to be made, if it's an avatar, a box/gfx signature, modelated, etc. Also make sure to include size of the signature, render is optional however if you want a clear rating on who will win you should use the same render.

6- To keep the quality of the works, always save the archive in .PNG ;

7- If you're going to post an art in this area, then keep in mind that criticism is different from "being rude" and "being nice". Don't post if you're going to be attacking someone just because he/she judged your work and said the negative / positive aspects of the art. Take the criticism, and work on improving the negative parts.

Note: The rules that are here can be changed at any time without a previous warning.


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